Automated Sampling and Integrated At-line Analysis

BioProfile® FLEX2 integration is now available for both the ambr® 250 high throughput and ambr® 15 cell culture systems. This enables fully integrated automatic sampling, sample transfer, analysis, data transfer and automated feedback control in each single-use ambr® bioreactor. Collection of comprehensive cell culture process data is made possible with the technology -  including total and viable cell density, viability, cell diameter, pH, PCO2, PO2, glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, Na, K, Ca and osmolality. All parameters can be sampled and measured with a complete cycle time of 6-8 minutes per bioreactor.

Using this integrated system allows scientists to run full quality by design (QbD) studies more easily, removing any bottlenecks handling samples or assay results, and freeing up additional staff time. The new system will assist optimization of process productivity, as well as the quality of your biologics.

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Your Benefits:

  • Execute full QbD studies without sample bottlenecks
  • Rapid at-line sampling
  • Integrated data flow
  • Get a full understanding of your critical cell culture parameters

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ambr® 15 cell culture

Leading micro bioreactor system for cell line development and process optimization

ambr®15 is an automated microscale bioreactor system that replicates classical laboratory scale bioreactors. The benchtop system comprises disposable micro bioreactor vessels, an automated workstation and user friendly software. ambr® 15 offers automated parallel processing and control of 24 or 48 bioreactor experiments using just one operator. Designed to be installed in a standard laminar airflow biological safety cabinet for aseptic operation.  ambr® 15 provides efficient, consistent and scalable bioreactor experiments compared to classical laboratory bioreactors.

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ambr® 250 high throughput

Fully automated multi parallel system for process optimization in 250 mL volume bioreactors

ambr® 250 high throughput provides and efficient and rapid scale-down system to explore a wide range of conditions and strains with scalability to both bench top and larger stirred tank bioreactors. Also with intuitive software, the system offers control of either 12 or 24 single-use bioreactor vessels within an integrated biological safety cabinet. The system has fully automated liquid handling, temperature and gassing control.

Configurable for microbial or mammalian cell culture this system has a wide variety of applications across biopharma as well as industrial biotechnology, including process optimization, characterization and robustness studies in a QbD approach.


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BioProfile® FLEX2

Automated cell culture analyzer

BioProfile FLEX2 combines Nova Biomedical’s groundbreaking MicroSensor Card technology with optical measurement and freezing point osmometry for an automated and comprehensive cell culture analyzer that eliminates chemistry sensor maintenance, increases analyzer speed, and reduces sample volume. Comprehensive test results including cell density/viability, pH/gases, and key chemistries are available in 4.5 minutes. 

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