Connect Upstream for Intensified Biomanufacturing

Take the complexity out of intensified processing with our new upstream platform. Rapidly develop the essential control strategies with the new ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion with integrated Umetrics® Suite of Data Analytics Solutions. Combining BIOSTAT STR® bioreactors with our unique kSep® centrifuges creates the only single-use commercial platform capable of controlling ultra-high cell density cultures so they deliver the productivity of 6x15k L stainless steel plants in flexible multi-product facilities.


Gerben Zijlstra,
Platform Marketing Manager for
Continous Biomanufacturing, Integrated Solutions

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Intensified Biomanufacturing

ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion

ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion bioreactors include a single-use perfusion filter and process contacting pump components. They are compatible with any cell retention device. Filters are available in a range of pore size variants that cover the typical range of cell culture perfusion processes and applications. The single-use perfusion bioreactor includes a high-efficiency sparger significantly enhancing oxygen supply to the culture and capable of supporting high cell densities.

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Intensified Biomanufacturing

Umetrics SuiteTM of software

The Umetrics SuiteTM of software is the world-leading user-friendly solution for implementing PAT and QbD within your manufacturing facility. It allows you to explore, analyze and interpret your process data and ensures the quality of your product.

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Intensified Biomanufacturing


The BIOSTAT STR® fully scalable, single-use bioreactor family offers working volumes from 50L to 2000L and is based on conventional stirred-tank design. It is now available in its second generation with improved hardware design, Flexsafe® STR bags for excellent cell growth, robustness and single-use, non-invasive biomass monitoring.

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Intensified Biomanufacturing

kSep® Systems

Sartorius patented kSep® systems are a range of single-use continuous centrifuges that balance centrifugal and fluid flow forces allowing the retention of cells during bioreactor harvests. This unique technology can handle high cell density culture containing over 100 million cells/mL.

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The new ambr® 250 high throughput perfusion with Umetrics software allows you to create control strategies with less time and cost. Our BIOSTAT® STR bioreactors combined with unique kSep® centrifuges and SIMCA-online software form the only single-use commercial platform capable of controlling ultra-high cell density cultures.

Watch this webinar to see how our scalable technologies will help you intensify your processes in biomanufacturing facilities of the future.

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by Gerben Zijlstra & Priyanka Gupta, September 2017

Learn how our platform of technologies has allowed customers to develop intensified bioprocesses and implement process intensification projects into their facilities with the support of our Integrated Solutions team.

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by Stuart Tindal and Nick Hutchinson, September 2016

Download this article that explains why process analytical tools (PAT) are a key requirement to promote the adoption of intensified processing. PAT technologies include real-time process analysers such as univariate sensors and multivariate analytics, process control and multivariate tools. They are necessary for the control of very high cell density cell cultures and downstream processes.

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Want to learn more about Continuous and Intensified Bioprocessing? Watch this interview with Gerben Zijlstra from the ESACT 2017 conference to learn more about how these types of processing are influencing the way biopharmaceutical companies manufacture their products.

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by Nick Hutchinson, April 2017

Read this blog to see how process intensification and continuous biomanufacturing can increase productivity and make the most efficient use of your production assets.

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by Michael Sherman, Vincent Lam, Melissa Carpio, Nick Hutchinson and Christel Fenge, November 2016

In this article, the authors present data from a client showing the BIOSTAT® STR, single-use bioreactor to be highly effective for performing continuous cell cultures at the 2000-L scale. So efficient was the oxygen transfer within the BIOSTAT® STR it raises the possibility the client could perform a very demanding process in the single-use format that had, until this point, only been feasible within a stainless steel bioreactor.

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