Increase your titers by optimizing your media and feed strategy

Connect Upstream for Increased Titers

Increase your titers by developing your own optimized medium and feed strategy in 5 months. The CHOptimizer® media optimization tool box combines the ambr® 15 with an integrated DoE approach for efficient testing of different media mixtures and for spent media analysis. Our media expert will guide you through this process.


Kyle Ritchie,
Field Market Manager, Cell Culture Media

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ambr® 15

ambr® 15 cell culture mimics the characteristics of classical bioreactors at microscale (10 mL–15 mL) by using cost-effective disposable micro bioreactors controlled by an automated workstation. The system enables the rapid evaluation of multiple bioreactor cultures at microscale, increasing productivity in cell line development – with significant savings on materials and labor.

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MODDE DoE is a design of experiments (DoE) software solution enabling you to create experimental designs and to interpret the results with intuitive graphical interfaces and detailed data visualization. Using this software will allow you to test a number of cell culture media blends and to maximize the productivity of your cell culture process.

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Media Kits

Our media kits are comprised of four base media solutions. They can be combined to create over 20 different media blends that will be tested using your chosen cell line, the ambr® 15 workstation and MODDE DoE software. Optimized, high-titer cell culture processes with custom media and feed strategies result from the best-performing media blends identified by DoE simulation.

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Optimization Services

The CHOptimizer® media optimization service offers dedicated media support by our application specialists. We will guide you through a series of experiments designed to optimize a fed-batch process and deliver high titers using prequalified blends of well-characterized chemically defined and animal-origin-free (AOF) media.

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The CHOptimizer® Approach

Lower your cost of goods by improving your titers. Poor productivity is often caused by non-optimized media and feed. With our innovative approach, you can easily optimize your media and feed for the specific needs of your CHO cell line.


Free Webinar Increased Titers

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about CHOptimzer®, a unique service from Sartorius for optimizing your media and feed strategy to give higher titers. Dr Vitaly Klimovich (Field Application Specialist, North America) describes how clients have used this service to generate 4-fold increases in titer and 2.5-fold increases in viable cell densities. CHOptimzer® allows biopharmaceutical companies to develop their own in-house media and process know-how with full support from Sartorius Application Specialists.

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CHOptimizer: The Media Builder

CHOptimizer®: The Media Builder

Bremer, Grimm, Gillmeister, Lee, Mitchell & Sheikh (2015)

This poster, exhibited at the BioProcess International Conference in 2015, explains how biopharmaceutical companies can increase the productivity of upstream processes and achieve higher titers.

The CHOptimizer® approach to media and feed optimization uses ambr® 15 bioreactors, design of experiments, spent media analysis and on-site expert support. The authors demonstrated that a 4-fold improvement in product titer from a fed-batch CHO process is achievable in less than 6 months.

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Optimize your media and feed strategy with our CHOptimizer® media optimization tool box. Let us know your questions and requests. You will hear from us shortly.




Virus Filtration by
Franz Nothelfer, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma,
at the European Upstream & Downstream Forum 2016

Virus contaminations of cell cultures can lead to the closure of biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. Franz Nothelfer of Boehringer Ingelheim explains why growth media filtration with a virus-retentive filter could become the only risk-mitigation method accepted by the regulatory authorities.

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